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Case Study
Cargo Ship at Sea
The Challenge

Updates on the sales meetings are recorded in an ad-hoc & unstructured manner. The outcome is recorded on digital media, but here again it is unstructured. As a result, there is no formal reporting or dashboard mechanism that management can easily access at any point of time. In addition to that, there is no real-time linking & tracking of the revenue being generated from customers and indirectly the revenue brought in by the individual members of the sales team.

The Solution

Bespoke CRM system developed allows the sales team do all planning online, record & review updates on customer meetings in a structured manner and provide a dashboard & reports to management on the outcome of sales meetings and activities of the sales team. In addition to the above, the system links and provide management reports on revenue being generated from each customer and by extension the volume of business being generated by respective members of the sales team.

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