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Case Study
Doctor and Patient
The Challenge

Health care in India has always been bad, especially for the masses or the poor. Despite many healthcare programs in action, India lacks financial resources required to improve health indicators for a country of 1.3 billion people, majority of who resides in rural areas. While most last-mile healthcare initiatives today run by hospitals, charitable institutions or organizations are in the form of specific event-based interventions like general or specialty health camps, there isn't a proper method to strengthen the healthcare system at all levels of delivery, to create sustainable impact.

The Solution

Indigenously developed and patented technology telemedicine solution. Customized Solution designed keeping in view low resource setting and the constraints associated with developing world. The system integrates end to end healthcare ecosystem. Remote Clinics, Central Medical Facility, Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals and Pharmacy can be completely networked on enterprise version. and supports multiple simultaneous consultations.

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